We can find electrical faults where at some point an electrical wire has had its jacket or sheath damaged, moisture gets in and cases the wire to corrode and may get hot and burn apart or together with other phased legs of power causing a disruption of power, total loss or partial power being delivered to run the equipment. For example, all it takes is a rock that was in the ditch when filled in around the cable and later it rubs the insulation jacket and cause a fault by going to ground and tripping a breaker. We can find these spots, locate  the wire and fault find along the line. This allows the owner to then dug it up expose in fault area, and put in a splice to get power back on, avoiding the huge expense of replacing the wire total run. Expensive and time consuming, plus the rehab after a new ditch line is excavated and dug up to install the new wire and then back-filled, tamped back and then landscaped as it was before. Simply have us find the Fault and dig up the spot(s).