The purpose of an outdoor utility location service is to prevent accidental damage to these underground utilities during construction, excavation, or any other outdoor activity that involves digging or ground penetration. By accurately locating and marking the positions of underground utilities, this service helps prevent costly and potentially dangerous incidents such as service disruptions, injuries, or environmental damage.

Using EML (Electro-magnetic Locating tools), accounting for the lifelines of each site and marking them accordingly, ( correct colors neatly and writing  estimated depths using  the EML tools as well as Ground Penetrating Radar, (GPR, big gpr looks like a push lawnmower for non metallic utilities not picked up using the EML tools), such as PVC piping, concrete piping, voids, empty pvc conduits, basically anything sub surface thats non metallic. We can also double check depths of utilities we have already marked metallic utilities using EML tools mentioned above.